Toasted Croissants

Butter and jam 6.9

Ham, cheese & tomato 9.9

House made Granola

Served with deli yoghurt, and berry compote w/ your choice of milk $14.00 VO


Artisan Toast

White, sourdough, or rye toast with butter, add;
jam, peanut butter or vegemite 6.9 (GFO,VO)    


Fruit Toast

House made fruit toast, served with butter &  jam. $8.80


Sundried tomato, spinach & Yarra Valley fetta
served on toasted sourdough 16.9

Pulled Pork Benedict 

Slow cooked pulled pork, house-made hash
browns, chipotle mayo, two poached eggs, and
hollandaise sauce 19.9

Avocado Smash

Smashed avocado, fetta, fresh tomato, roasted
pumpkin seeds w/poached egg served on
sourdough 17.9 (GFO, VO)

Big Breakfast 

Eggs your way on sourdough with 2 pieces of
bacon, mushrooms, spinach, tomato, chorizo, and
a house made hash brown 24.9

3-Stack Apple Crumble Pancakes 

Buttermilk pancakes topped w/ salted caramel
sauce, apple crumble, and vanilla ice cream 18.9


Build Your Own

Local Artisan Toast
sourdough, ciabatta, gluten-free bread, or a Turkish roll 5.9

Free-Range Egg 4
Leg Ham
Chorizo 5
Short Bacon
Smoked Salmon
Chicken Breast
Slow Cooked Pork 6

Roast Tomato
Kale 3
Avocado 4
Potato Rostï 5

Yarra Valley Fetta
Halloumi 5

Dukkah 0
Tomato Relish
Beetroot Relish
Hollandaise 2
Hummus 4