Zest Speciality Coffee

House Blend 3.5
Rich Italian; floral, citrus & dark cocoa

Single Origin  4

Guest Blend 4

Batch Brew Filter 5


Large .50

Extra Shot .50

Decaf .50

Chocolate Supreme 4

White Chocolate 5

Chai Spiced or Vanilla 3.5
Add shot of coffee to make a dirty chai

Wet Chai 5

Golden Latte 5

Kyoto Green Matcha 5
Made from pure Japanese Matcha sourced from Kyoto & Shizuoka

Zest Specialty Organic Teas

English Breakfast

Irish Breakfast

Earl Grey

Lemongrass and Ginger

Masala Chai



Gunpowder Green

Chamomile Flowers  4

Alternative Milks

Bonsoy, Lactose Free, Rice, Coconut, or Almond .50


Something Iced

Iced Coffee, Chai, or Latte

Iced Chocolate

Iced Mocha

Affogato 6

Kids Size Iced 5
Chocolate or Strawberry


Cold Pressed

Summer Greens 8
Spinach, pineapple, kale, apple, cucumber & mint

100% Orange 7

Kerri Cold Presses

Cloudy Apple

Carrot, Orange, Apple, Lemon & Ginger

The Purple Juice
Apple, Beetroot, Blackcurrant, Pomegranate, & Hibiscus

Pineapple 4.9

Old School Milkshakes

Kids 4

Milkshake 5.5

Thick Shake 6.5
Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel, Strawberry, Banana, Blue Heaven, Coffee                


Deep Spring Lemon & Lime

Deep Spring Orange & Passionfruit

Ginger Beer

Raspberry, Mint & Ginger

Lemon, Lime Bitter 4.5

Kids Pop Tops 3.5
Apple OR Apple & Blackcurrant

Organic Kombucha 5.5
Ask our friendly staff our varieties



Coke No Sugar

Diet Coke



Lift 3.8

Handcrafted Ales and Ciders

Hargreaves Beer
Locally Handcrafted Ales

Light bodied beer, distinct banana,
clove and nutmeg character

Kolsch-style ale made from European
hops, approachable and crisp

Strong hops flavour, bright citrusy
and floral

IPA  8
India-style pale ale, resinous and
piney hops flavour

English Style Beer, sweet malt
character with ‘New World Hops’ flavour

Stout  8
Blends intense roast malt flavour
with a pronounced hop bitterness

JNR  7.5
Light bodied American style Pale Ale
with a full strength hop charge

Seasonal Releases    8.5
Ask our friendly staff about
Hargreaves latest seasonal release

Why These Beers?

You might be wondering why Zest now offers Hargreaves Beer rather than their traditional counterparts, here’s why…

As contemporary brews like Carlton Draught and Victoria Bitter become more dominant in the market, smaller breweries end up being forced out of business. Yet it is these smaller breweries that hire locals and support our community

So to support our local community, Zest now stocks locally handcrafted brews all made less than 30km away. Now you can relax with a cold beer, and know that you help support our local community

Yarra Valley Wines

Debortoli – Vivo

Sauvignon Blanc


White Moscato

Chardonnay Pinot Noire (Sparkling)


By the Bottle        25

By the Glass         6-5

Down the Lane

Rose Gris de Gris

Pinot Grigio

Shiraz Tempreanillo

By the Bottle        30

By the Glass         8

Alchemy Distillers

Moonshine  10.5
Unaged spirit with a sweet aroma
and notes of buttered popcorn
Good replacement for bourbon

Dry Gin   10.5
Full flavoured gin with floral notes
of chamomile and vanilla

Bakery Hill’s Whiskeys

Double Wood Single Malt 46%  13
Well balanced oak palate with marmalade
overtones and a rounded finish

Peated Single Malt 46%  13
Layered toffee and honeycomb palate
with a complex and exotic finish

Oxford Scholar Gin  13
Well balanced gin with notes of citrus

Zest’s Commitment to Community

If you’re wondering why Zest now stocks lesser known spirits instead of the old favourites, it’s all part of our commitment to our local community

Instead of providing our patrons with drinks that serve to save us time or money, we’re committed to serving drinks that not only taste great but also support local industry. That’s why Zest’s spirits are now all locally made to